city council's Strategic Elements & Strategic Plan

The City Council develops Strategic Elements, Priorities, and a Capital Improvement Program to help guide the City’s actions and work plans, and focus efforts on addressing the City’s identified priority initiatives. Together, these comprise the City's Strategic Plan. 

Click on the tabs below to view each of these documents, which are for FY 2017-18. Please note that Capital Improvement Program items will be updated quarterly.

  1. City Council Strategic Elements
  2. City Council Priorities
  3. Capital Improvement Program

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Fiscal Sustainability 

  • Practice sound and responsible financial management, while providing fiscally sustainable government services that address the needs of the community.
  • Support and sustain a business environment that contributes to economic prosperity and revenue generation, and improves the economic well-being of the community.
  • Promote a balanced economic development approach that retains, attracts, and supports businesses Citywide for a strong, stable, complementary, and diverse business environment, including  tourism, coastal resources, conservation, and farmland cultivation.

Healthy Communities & Public Safety 

  • Foster opportunities for affordable housing for very low, low, moderate, and above moderate income households, including entry level housing, shared housing, etc. 
  • Enhance safety for pedestrians, bicyclist, and motorists through a  “complete streets” approach.
  • Promote the health and well-being of children, youth, families, and adults of all ages and abilities.
  • Promote a sustainable, comprehensive, and forward looking environmentally/green conscious community.
  • Prepare City staff and community members for inevitable natural disasters and other emergencies.
  • Provide comprehensive and innovative law enforcement services to reduce crime and the fear of crime; Inform and educate the community around crime prevention and awareness.

Inclusive Governance 

  • Manage the operations of the City as an engaged, collaborative, and responsive team of professionals who provide services in an effective, accountable, and inclusive manner.
  • Emphasize a high level of community engagement through public outreach and building mutually beneficial, innovative, collaborative community partnerships throughout the City.
  • Provide organizational development that invests in staff leadership skills development and other human resources, to attract, develop, support, and retain a highly qualified, valued, and diverse municipal workforce.
  • Maintain  accuracy, consistency, and frequency in the City’s public communications, and increase Half Moon Bay’s efforts to build credibility and mutual trust with the community.
  • Provide and manage a repository of City records that is easily accessible to the general public.
  • Promote diversity by improving knowledge of and accessibility to City services among the Latino community with emphasis on bilingual access and inclusiveness and civic participation.
  • Continue and enhance transparency and accountability with community members, providing easy access to information, helpful and informed staff, and meaningful opportunities to participate in the City’s decision-making processes and other municipal and community activities.

Infrastructure & Environment 

  • Preserve, upgrade, and maintain existing City infrastructure to manage and make progress on the backlog created as a result of deferred maintenance.
  • Maintain functional and effective usage of City facilities; Sustain efforts to maintain the City as clean, inviting, accessible and aesthetically pleasing, throughout all segments of the community.
  • Continue to build and enhance a more sustainable and resilient community by incorporating green and sustainable infrastructure projects and environmental conservation.
  • Utilize technology to maximize efficiency and productivity for improved City operations.