Information on Cannabis Regulation

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With the November 8, 2016, passage of Proposition 64, California voters legalized the adult-use of marijuana (also referred to as cannabis) under state law and directed state agencies to develop a regulatory and licensing program for commercial cannabis activities. Local governments have the authority to further regulate these commercial cannabis activities (both medicinal and adult-use) within their jurisdictions. Pursuant to initial City Council direction, the City of Half Moon Bay is studying options for regulating and licensing limited commercial cannabis businesses at a few sites within the City. This web page will provide the community with information about upcoming and previous meetings and opportunities for input, City Council direction and actions, and other news and materials.

Latest Update: June 21, 2018

At its June 19 meeting the City Council received and and held a public discussion on the consultant's report: "Fiscal Analysis of the Commercial Cannabis Industry and Tax Revenue Projections"

The City Council also discussed the preparation of a cannabis business tax measure for its subsequent consideration (scheduled for August 7), which would then be placed on the November ballot. 

And, the Council adopted resolutions pertaining to the draft Cannabis Nursery Ordinance and advisory measures on the November 6, 2018 ballot.


This proposed cannabis nursery ordinance is a result of City Council direction at its November 21, 2017 meeting. An initial draft was made available for comment on February 23, and since then comments have been received through the City's website as well as from other direct input to the City. An updated draft cannabis nursery ordinance is available for public review online at

Under the ordinance, the nurseries could only grow non-flowering cannabis plants that would be transported out of the City before they matured. No retail sales to the public would be allowed. The proposed ordinance would also update and continue the City’s existing prohibition on all other commercial cannabis businesses within Half Moon Bay.

The City is encouraging community feedback and comments on the draft cannabis nursery ordinance - please use the comment form above. This information will be considered by staff in finalizing the draft ordinance and will be provided to the City Council at a future public meeting, which will include additional opportunity for public comment, City Council discussion, and potential direction on the first reading and consideration of the ordinance at a public hearing.

As a separate process, the City is researching the implications of other types of commercial cannabis operations, including retail activities. Once that research is complete, a second, separate community information and input process will take place including community meetings and a survey.