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New Half Moon Bay Library Community Meetings

New Half Moon Bay Library Community Meetings

In addition to public meetings, various methods of capturing input will be utilized to achievecommunity’s vision for the new library.

HALF MOON BAY, CA – In the coming weeks, Half Moon Bay community members will have several opportunities to share their ideas and suggestions for the new Half Moon Bay library. From April until June, the public is encouraged to participate in the collaborative process that includes three separate rounds of community meetings, open houses and community kiosk stations.

“Our new library will form a new foundation for Half Moon Bay that reflects the vision of the community,” stated Councilmember Rick Kowalczyk. “That’s why we are initiating a tremendous public input process that offers residents multiple events to make their voices heard. To ensure that the library is a thriving resource for everyone, we are striving to incorporate the features people would like to see.”

Open House and Community Meetings will take place at the Half Moon Bay Library, located at 620 Correas St, Half Moon Bay and the Community Kiosks will be held at the locations listed:

Theme #1 ─ Community Vision:
• Open House: Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 4-6pm
• Community Meeting: Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 7-9pm
• Community Kiosk: Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 9-12pm at New Leaf Community Market
• Community Kiosk: Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 1-4pm at Brazzle Berry - Strawflower Shopping Center

Theme #2 ─ Design Options:
• Community Kiosk: Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 9-1pm at Coastside Farmers Market - Shoreline Station
• Open House: Thursday, May 8, 2014 from 4-6pm
• Community Meeting: Thursday, May 8, 2014 from 7-9pm

Theme#3 ─ Design Recommendations:
• Open House: Thursday, June 5, 2014 from 4-6pm
• Community Meeting: Thursday, June 5, 2014 from 7-9pm
• Community Kiosk: Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 9-12pm at New Leaf Community Market
• Community Kiosk: Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 1-4 at Brazzle Berry – Strawflower Shopping Center

The City is working in conjunction with the San Mateo County Library to create a welcoming library environment that is customer centered, flexible and responsive to current trends. The San Mateo County Library Service Model includes special spaces for children, a teen area, study rooms, a community program room, a one-point service desk, quiet reading and study areas, attractive displays featuring new books, CDs, and DVDs, public computers, convenient self-check stations and a colorful, inviting ambiance.


Community Newsletter

We hope you enjoy the latest edition of the Half Moon Bay community newsletter. You can download a PDF version by clicking here and here.

Investigation of Illegal Borings Into Main Street Bridge


Contact: Rob Kalkbrenner
(650) 726-8263 

March 27, 2014                                                               

Illegal Borings Into Main Street Bridge Investigated


On Tuesday, March 25th the Half Moon Bay City Council met in closed session to discuss a report of illegal borings discovered to have recently been drilled into the Main Street Bridge, to consider possible City responses. Staff reaffirmed to the City Council this was not done by any City staff, City Consultants, or CalTrans.   Afterwards Mayor John Muller expressed his disbelief and incredulousness at such a brazen act.  He said “I cannot believe any one in Half Moon Bay would perpetrate such an outrageous act as purposefully damaging public property like this.  This is not what I have come to expect from Half Moon Bay residents.”

At the closed session on Tuesday the City Council directed staff and the City Attorney to refer the matter to the District Attorney’s office for investigation and possible criminal prosecution.  The Council further directed, should the perpetrator or perpetrators be identified, that the City Attorney prepares a separate civil action to recover all of the City’s expenses in remediating the damaged portions of the bridge, and civil penalties for violating several environmental laws and regulations.  The City will further be conferring with other regulatory agencies, including the Coastal Commission, Caltrans, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and Regional Water Quality Control Board about their possible involvement.  Council Member Alifano stated with the difficult budget times the City has had in the recent past, spending public funds to repair a person’s malicious act is uncalled for. “We have worked hard to ensure the City’s long-term fiscal stability and to have this potentially undone by a person selfishly destroying public property is ridiculous.” 

The borings were first reported to the City on Saturday, March 15th at a scoping session for the City of Half Moon Bay’s forthcoming Main Street Bridge rehabilitation/replacement project, when  a member of the public inquired about recent core drilling activity observed beneath the bridge.  Upon inspection, the City’s bridge project team noted five 1 ½-2 inch diameter holes had recently been bored several feet into the bridge’s concrete arch and supporting walls, and an additional section of decayed concrete had been chipped from the structure.  While the person or persons responsible for the borings and their motives have not been identified, an internal inquiry has verified that the borings were not made by City staff or consultants.  The City’s engineering experts have further opined that the borings would be of limited value in testing the structural integrity of the bridge.  Accordingly, the City believes that, if made for the purpose of testing the bridge, the borings were made by amateurs.

At its September 18, 2013 meeting, after several prior public meetings and workshops, the Half Moon Bay City Council selected a one-stage replacement plan as its “preferred project” for the Main Street Bridge, a concrete arch structure.  Public comment received at that time and in prior meetings urged the Council to perform destructive testing before moving forward, despite the fact that three separate engineering firms had determined that such testing was unnecessary at this preliminary stage as the bridge has received a low safety rating of 24 on a 1-100 scale in recent inspections by Caltrans bridge experts.   It is the City’s hope that damage done will not have detrimental consequences for residents and Main Street businesses.

Although the actual cost of repairing the damage caused by the borings, including any damage to the sensitive habitat of Pilarcitos Creek, has yet to be determined, City experts have estimated that the total amount will be quite substantial considering the studies necessary to clear regulatory hurdles in the sensitive habitat.

Anyone with information about the illegal borings is asked to contact the Half Moon Bay Sheriff’s Substation at (650) 726-8288. Calls can also be made through the Sheriff's Office Anonymous Tip Line at (800) 547-2700.


City Hosting Public Workshop for the General Plan and Local Coastal Program Updates

City Hosting Public Workshop for the General Plan and Local Coastal Program Updates

The March 20 workshop is designed to capture public input that will help shape the planning process.

HALF MOON BAY, CA – As part of the collaborative process to update the 20+ year-old General Plan and Local Coastal Program (LCP), the City of Half Moon Bay is hosting a community workshop on Thursday, March 20 from 7 -9:15 pm at the Ted Adcock Community Center. The public is invited to attend and participate in this interactive planning meeting.

What:   Plan HMB Community Workshop

When:   Thursday, March 20, 7 ­ 9:15pm

Where:   Ted Adcock Community Center - 535 Kelly Avenue

The City’s General Plan and LCP Update will help define a common community vision for the future, and provide planning policies and regulations to effectively carry out that vision. The comprehensive process will address a wide range of topics, from land use and economic development to transportation and protecting environmental resources. Recent work on the Circulation Element of the General Plan will be incorporated.

Members of the City’s planning team have been conducting stakeholder interviews and have captured initial feedback from community members. Residents also have received a newsletter with more information on the project as well as a survey to gather input on priorities.

In addition to the workshop, residents can offer input through the online engagement tool ─ The website offers up-to-date information about the General Plan and LCP Update, the Planning Area, studies and other work completed to date, contact information, and ways that residents, business owners, and others can participate. To receive project notifications, community members can simply sign up to be on the project email list. There will be several other opportunities for community members to weigh in throughout this process.

The planning process is expected to last for approximately two years, and is being guided by a General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) appointed by the City Council.


City Council to Consider Contract for an Interim City Manager

City Council to Consider Contract for an Interim City Manager

Stuart Schillinger, the Deputy City Manager of Brisbane, is recommended to serve as Half Moon Bay’s Interim City Manager on a contract basis, while the City conducts a thorough search for a permanent City Manager.

HALF MOON BAY, CA – At its March 18 meeting, the Half Moon Bay City Council will consider a professional services agreement with the City of Brisbane for Interim City Manager services. If approved, Brisbane’s Deputy City Manager, Stuart Schillinger, would assume the role of Half Moon Bay’s Interim City Manager, while a comprehensive search is conducted for a permanent replacement.

Mr. Schillinger has previous professional experience with the City of Half Moon Bay having worked on the City’s 2011-2012 budget process. He joined the City of Brisbane as the Finance Director in 2001 before advancing to Administrative Services Director, and now, the Deputy City Manager. He has previous municipal government experience in Glendale, AZ, Encinitas, CA, and Reno, NV. During the temporary agreement, Mr. Schillinger would be based at Half Moon Bay City Hall four days per week.

The professional services arrangement with the City of Brisbane is designed to create a smooth leadership transition as the City Council embarks on the upcoming City Manager recruitment process. In the near future, the City is expected to retain an executive recruiter who specializes in the municipal sector to lead its search. Typically, the recruitment process can take between 3-6 months.


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