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Community Development

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About the Community Development Department

Community Development Department is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of the City through safe and orderly development that is consistent with community expectations.  Some of the general responsibilities of the Department includes:

  • Comprehensive long range planning that ensures progress while preserving the character of Half Moon Bay and minimizing impacts to existing residential neighborhoods and the environment;
  • The enforcement of the Building Code to maintain  compliance with the minimum building and safety standards;
  • The certification of the engineering and design of the City’s street and infrastructure systems; and
  • The enforcement of minimum property maintenance standards to maintain a higher standard of living in the community.

The four divisions that comprise the Community Development Department provide a variety of services that maintain and enhance the community. The divisions that make up the Department include:


The Planning Division performs a variety of functions that are intended to conserve and enhance the City’s environmental resources and scenic beauty, to preserve its historic resources and small town heritage, to manage the community’s growth rate, and to enforce the policies and regulations related to land use and development

Public Works:

The Public Works Department provides various services to ensure safe living conditions and enhance life quality in Half Moon Bay.The engineering staff develops master plans, prepares designs and studies, administers construction contracts for the improvements to the City’s buildings and grounds, streets, sidewalks, trails, parks, parking lots, drainage facilities, sewer collection and street lighting system.

Code Enforcement:

The Code Enforcement Division enforces provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and other City ordinances.


The mission of the Building and Safety Program is to ensure public safety, health and welfare through the effective administration and enforcement of local ordinances and California Building Codes.

On behalf of the Community Development Department, We invite you – whether a resident, business owner, property owner, or other – to enjoy the information on our website, visit our offices, or contact any member of our team. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

John Doughty - Community Development Director

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Jill Ekas - Senior Management Analyst

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Joe Butcher - Administrative Assistant

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