Local Coastal Program & Land Use Plan

The primary goal of the Local Coastal Program (LCP) is to ensure that the local government’s land use plans, zoning ordinances, zoning maps, and implementation actions meet the requirements, provisions and polices of the California Coastal Act. This is crucial to ensure we are protecting and enhancing our coastal areas, for their irreplaceable environmental values and for the public enjoyment. The city is located entirely within the coastal zone, so the LCP applies citywide. 

The Half Moon Bay Local Coastal Land Use Plan (LCLUP) and the Local Coastal Implementation Plan (LCIP) together constitute the "Local Coastal Program" (LCP) for the city. The LCLUP is the policy component of the LCP; and the LCIP, which includes:

The City's LCLUP was comprehensively updated in 2020, as adopted by City Council in October 2020 and certified by the California Coastal Commission in April 2021. The 2020 LCLUP supersedes and replaces the former 1996 LCLUP. 

Local Coastal Land Use Plan (Updated 2020)