General Plan

California planning law requires that each county and city in the state develop and adopt a General Plan. General Plans are comprehensive long-term policy direction for the physical development, preservation, and conservation of the county or city. 

The General Plan can be described as the "blueprint" for the future of Half Moon Bay, including the planning policies and regulations to carry out the community's vision. It defines the community’s long-term goals for land use, housing, conservation, open space, transportation, safety, noise, and more. 

State law requires that a General Plans must address seven State mandated elements:  

CirculationConservationHousingLand Use
NoiseOpen SpaceSafety

A General Plan may also contain optional elements determined to be of specific relevance to the jurisdiction. The General Plan may be adopted in any form deemed appropriate or convenient by the City Council, including the combining of elements. Because the City of Half Moon Bay is located entirely within the California Coastal Zone, the Local Coastal Land Use Plan serves as the City’s Land Use Element.

The 2023-2031 Housing Element Update process is underway. Go to for more information. 

Adopted General Plan Elements

Existing Conditions Report

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment