Sewer Collection

The City of Half Moon Bay provides sewer collection service south of Frenchman’s Creek to Miramontes Point Road.  Wastewater from residences, businesses, schools, restaurants and other buildings is conveyed through sewer mains owned by the City of Half Moon Bay to the sewer treatment plant operated by Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM). 

Sewer Backups

  • Call Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM) at 650-726-0124
  • Seven days a week/24 hours a day (24-7)
  • The crew will determine if it is either City of Half Moon Bay or Granada Sanitary District
  • If the stoppage is the responsibility of the resident/property owner, you will be instructed to call a plumber.

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) and Sand 

New: Fats, Oils, Grease and Sand Ordinance

  • The City plans to adopt a new Ordinance to codify regulations preventing discharge of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) into the City’s sewer collection system. The Ordinance applies to Food Service Establishments (FSEs), commercial and industrial businesses, and other entities with potential to introduce FOG and insoluble waste into the City’s sewer collection system. If you have questions about the new Ordinance, please follow the link below.

City Council FOG Ordinance Workshop:
October 3, 2023       6:00 pm         Ted Adcock Center and zoom hybrid 

City Council FOG Ordinance First Reading:
October 17, 2023       7:00 pm         Ted Adcock Center and zoom hybrid   

FOG Ordinance: Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Sewer Information

  •     The Granada Sanitary District (GCSD) provides sewer collection service for a portion of the central coast, including residents of the City of Half Moon Bay north of Frenchman’s Creek.
  •     For a breakdown of the Sewer Service Charges view the Sewer Service Charge (PDF).

     FOG Ordinance: Background & Information