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Permit Applications for Residential and Commercial



Design Requirements

Automatic Fire Sprinkler
New residential and commercial projects:
Additions ≥ 1,000 square foot
Remodels ≥ 3,600 square foot or valuation >= 75%
BMPs per NPDES C3, refer to the
San Mateo Countrywide Water Pollution Prevention Program website
Electrical Services Underground electrical service shall be provided in all new construction, additions of more than twenty-five percent of existing floor area, and remodels where the estimated cost of construction is fifty percent or more of the assessed valuation of the building.  Underground services shall be installed in accordance with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Electric and Gas Service Requirements 1999/2000 Section 5, Electric Service Underground.  (Ord. 1-08 §2 (part), 2008).
Pad Elevation
The finished first floor elevation shall be a minimum of 12" above the height of the curb. Or, where there is no curb, 12" above the street crown in front of the structure.
Seismic Design Category
For conventional light framed construction - braced wall panel lengths, refer to CBC Table 2308.12.4 where Sds > 1
Soil Bearing Pressure
1,500 psf (CBC Table 1804.2)
Wind Speed 110 mph (CBC Figure 1609)