Architects or Engineers


There are instances when you must have a professional’s help on your project. Some examples: 

  • When you are constructing a new building or addition in the foothills area (west of highway 280) where engineered foundations are required along with Soils and Geology Reports to substantiate all design assumptions. 
  • When the design of your structure requires engineering calculations, i.e. when you are using prefabricated trusses or glued-laminated beams. 
  • When the foundation system of your home includes piers and grade beams or caissons. 
  • When you are building a retaining wall over 48 inches in height; measured from the bottom of footing to the top of the wall.


There are instances when you are not required to but should seriously consider retaining a professional to help you with your project. Some examples: 

  • When the size or the complexity of the project exceeds the time you can devote to it. A rushed job on the drawings or a lack of experience can lead to errors which may be costly to fix during construction. 
  • When the cost of the project justifies the expense. Professionals can assist you in accomplishing the design goals using the most efficient methods/materials at a cost within your budget.