Restraining Orders

A Restraining Order is an Order from the Court that restrains a person from doing certain acts that the court is prohibiting. It is a Civil Procedure, meaning that in most cases, you must submit a request to the court asking for a Temporary Restraining Order, and a date for a hearing where the Order will be made permanent. You can do this yourself or you may consult an attorney. Once an order is in effect, the police department will enforce it as a criminal matter. 

It is free to file a Temporary Restraining Order at the Superior Court Monday through Friday. You can pick up and complete the papers at the courthouse, either in Redwood City or South San Francisco

  • Domestic Violence Prevention at 650.312.8515
  • Sor Juana Ines, Services for Abused Women at 800.300.1080
  • Legal Aid Society at 650.365.8411

Emergency Protection Order

In serious cases of on-going Domestic Violence, a Sheriff’s Deputy may be able to issue an Emergency Protection Order. 

  • This is accomplished by the officer calling a Judge, who will verbally issue the order
  • It will be in effect until the completion of the 5th court date following the order
  • Before it expires, you must submit a request for a temporary restraining order directly to the court