Emergency Preparedness Division

The Emergency Preparedness Division works in partnership with the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services to prepare staff, Coastside agencies, and residents to effectively respond to natural disaster or other emergencies. The Division develops and updates emergency plans, trains staff in emergency operations procedures, and serves as the City’s representative on the Coastside Emergency Action Program and the San Mateo County Emergency Managers Association to assist with local and regional emergency preparedness efforts.

It’s important for your safety, the safety of your family, and the protection of your property. Preparing yourself, your family, and your home or business for potential disaster or emergency is everyone’s responsibility. In the event of a major disaster, you can be sure that Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, and other emergency services staff will be doing all they can to ensure the public safety, restore services, and return our community to normal. 

But remember, disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or "shelter in place" in your home. You and your family may be without basic services like water, gas, electricity, and telephones, or access to stores and other services for several hours or days. While public safety personnel will be on the scene after a disaster, they cannot reach everyone right away.

Therefore, the best way to make your family and your home safe is to be prepared before disaster strikes. Half Moon Bay urges everyone to be responsible for their own and their family’s safety and emergency preparedness by taking the time now to plan for such a situation. 

Use official TV, radio, and sign up for SMC Alert to get the information you need to be safe. Keep listening for updates. Do not leave your home or where you are staying unless authorities tells you it is safe to do so. If they tell you to evacuate the area, follow their instructions.  

  1. Carlo Wei

    Management Analyst - Emergency Prepardness