Vice Mayor Harvey Rarback

District 2

Term: 2020-2024

Harvey Rarback was elected to the City Council in November, 2016, served as Vice Mayor during 2018, and as Mayor in 2019. He was reelected to the City Council in 2020.

He is a former Director on the Coastside Fire Protection District Board, Member of the San Mateo County Special Districts Association and Peninsula Clean Energy Advisory Committee, serves on the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter and Treasurer of the Sandy Cove Homeowners Association. He is a member of the Coastside Emergency Corps (CEC), and volunteers with several other community service groups on the Coastside. Term ends December, 2024.  

  1. 2020 City Staff and Council-43

    Harvey Rarback

    Vice Mayor
    Phone: (650) 726-8250 (leave message with Clerk's office)

    District 2