La Administradora de la Ciudad

City Hall

La administradora municipal es la funcionaria administrativa principal de Half Moon Bay, encargada de proporcionar ayuda a residentes, integrantes del Consejo Municipal y al personal. 

Among its activities, it is responsible for properly and efficiently managing municipal activities, implementing the policies of the Municipal Council, acting as a guide and leader of the other departments and other employees of the city, and performing all the necessary activities to provide service to the community, in accordance with the values and priorities of the city.

The municipal administrator is also responsible for preparing and administering the city budget, for later consideration and implementation by the Municipal Council, always ensuring that the cost of the services is balanced with the available financial resources.

This department is also responsible for writing a weekly news bulletin (Half Moon Bay Community News) that is sent by email, as well as a quarterly printed bulletin (Half Moon Bay Currents), which is sent to all addresses in the city.

News by email, releases and more!

Newsletter by email with news from the community: brief and weekly summary of what happens in the city, including events, activities, workshops, meetings, projects and more.

Press releases: subscribe to receive press releases from the city at the same time they are sent to the media.

General plan / Half Moon Bay plan: periodic emails about news about the general plan of the city and the local plan of the coast, including notifications of meetings and workshops.

Parks Master Plan: periodic news by email, where we report on our progress in identifying the needs of the community parks and their priorities, the new park facilities we desire, and the improvements to our current parks. For more information, visit the Half Moon Bay Outdoors website.

Master plan for pedestrians and bicycles: occasional news by e-mail about the planning process to create and maintain a safe, convenient and connected network of pedestrian and bicycle paths in Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Currents Newsletter: The city also sends a printed bilingual bulletin four times a year to all Half Moon Bay addresses. The bulletin contains articles about the achievements of the city and the community, long-term plans and other matters of interest to the population.

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