Pubic Works Workers

The Maintenance Division manages the maintenance, replacement, and enhancement of  the City infrastructure, including streets, street lights, street and regulatory markings and signage, medians, parkways, parks and trails, sidewalks, and other public facilities, the storm water collection and conveyance system and sewer collection system, and serves as staff liaison to the Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM).

In addition to recycling/solid waste, sewer, sidewalks, and street sweeping, the Maintenance Division provides daily maintenance to the City’s outdoor recreation sites including parks, trails, and athletic fields. The primary focus of park maintenance is to assure the safety of these facilities for the continued use of the public and to enhance the quality of life for the community. Park maintenance efforts include both daily routine maintenance for cleanliness and aesthetics as well as infrastructure and amenity improvements.

  1. Public Works

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