NET Community Academy - Network, Engage, Transform

We look forward to welcoming our future NET Community Academy class! Check this webpage for program updates!

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(Nota: Este programa se lleva a cabo en inglés, pero se ofrecera traducción al español)

NET (Network - Engage - Transform) is an exciting and fun community engagement program in Half Moon Bay. This four-session community academy provides an overview of the management and governance of Half Moon Bay, while helping to build relationships that will strengthen our entire community. 

Participants are encouraged to commit to attending all four sessions in order to gain the most benefit from the program. If you are not able to commit to all four sessions, please apply for a future NET program that better meets your schedule.

The objectives of NET are to involve and engage people in learning about and understanding the operation of City government and to improve communication between the City and those who live and work here. Participants will learn about how decisions are made, how City funds are allocated, and how City departments operate with each other and get an opportunity to sit down with City Council members for frank discussions of issues, projects, politics, and plans for shaping the future of our community.

At each session, you’ll engage in interesting and fun activities illustrating how the City functions, and will meet and talk to City staff members. All City departments and functions will be covered during the NET program, including public safety and the Library (San Mateo County Library).

This program presents a great opportunity for interested community members to get an insider’s view of the City, become more knowledgeable about how the City operates, and help to build and strengthen the bonds and relationships that make a great community.