Highway 1 Safety - South

3/5/2021 Project Update: 

Construction started in October 2020 and was substantially completed/opened to traffic in October 2021.  The construction contract is in the final Punch list stage and the close-out is expected by June 2022.

Project Description: This project provides operational and safety improvements to Highway 1 between Wavecrest Road and Seymour Street. It includes construction of a new signalized intersection at S. Main Street and Highway 1, modify the right turn to S. Main Street from northbound Highway 1, add three protected pedestrian crossings across Highway 1/S. Main St and protected bike-box on S. Main Street.  The project also includes two curved concrete entry structures and landscape improvements to create the Southern Gateway to downtown.

Funding Source(s): Measure A grant from San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) and City General Funds.

Contact: Ray Razavi, Transportation Engineer, E-mail

More Information:

South Gateway Retaining Wall
South Gateway Plan View