Project Description: The project will extend the current Class I path (North end of Naomi Patridge Trail) from Roosevelt Blvd north to the City limits at Mirada Road (approximately 0.26 miles) to connect with the proposed San Mateo County trail coming from the north (El Granada).

Project Status:   Caltrans is reviewing the 95% design plans.  Environmental documents have been completed and being reviewed. 

Funding Source: Measure A grant from San Mateo County Transportation Authority, TDA Article 3, and City General Fund.

Latest Update: 5/3/2021-  The City has completed the 95% plans and submitted to Caltrans for permitting. The environmental clearance is in progress.  The City has received approval for TDA Article 3 grant  for additional construction funding.  Due to the new ped/bike bridge needed for the project, Caltrans is requiring the longer PEER process.  It is now expected that the project will be ready for construction advertising in 2022.

Contact: Ray Razavi, Transportation Engineer, E-mail

More Information:

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