Sewer Smoke Testing

Project Description: This is a preventative maintenance program that identifies locations where stormwater might enter into the sewer collection system. A non-toxic smoke is injected into the sewer pipe system and emerges into atmosphere at pipe defects and unsealed lateral connections.  In FY 2020‐2021, staff will focus on testing approximately 46,876 linear feet throughout the City. By FY 2021-2022 the City plans to have completed testing of all 33 miles of our sewer collection system. 

Stormwater inflow and infiltration into the sewer collection system increases loading at the treatment plant and can cause sanitary sewer overflows. Defects identified by this program are scheduled for immediate repair.  

Project Status: Project starts December 1, 2020.

Funding Source(s): CIP Sewer Maintenance Program Fund

Latest Update: 12/01/2020 .

Contact: Mark Jaudalso, Interim Assistant Engineer, E-mail:

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Smoke Testing