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Class Name: Puppy Kindergarten
*New Class*

Instructor: Marian Pott

Class Description: Each week we’ll discuss matters pertaining to puppies: feeding, housebreaking, crate/confinement, bite inhibition, eating habits, exercise, play, destruction, etc. Training skills will involve human and canine socialization, sit, down, stays, proper leash walking, recall, leave-it, off, hand signals, all at your pup’s developmental level.

Equipment for EACH class: Mat (crate-size to fit your puppy’s body size), 6-foot leash, flat collar, Ziploc bag with kibble dinner (if they love their kibble) AND/OR treat pouch loaded with yummy meaty/cheesy treats, favorite tug toy/ball, water/bowl.  NO BOWL SHARING!

Optional equipment: crate, xpen, potty pads, chain martingale collar.


Eligibility:  Puppies 12 weeks to 6 months (for puppies outside of this range, please contact instructor for eligibility questions). Young puppies must have had at least a veterinary health check plus 1st set of shots; older puppies must have 2nd set or completion of vaccine regime. All puppies must exhibit good health before coming to each class.

Contact Instructor Marian Pott for any questions:  650-888-7445; miramark9@comcast.net

Class Fee: $150 per puppy

Class Day: Thursday

Times: 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Class Dates: April 23, May 7, May 21, and May 28

Location: Ted Adcock Community Center - 535 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay