Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Project Description: The Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Project is an on-going annual program designed to repair aging sewer manholes throughout the City. This program includes building/rebuilding the channels at the manhole floor, applying interior coating systems, replacing rings, covers and frames, removing rusty ladders, adjusting manholes to grade, and adding identification markers. 

The 2020 Rehabilitation Project will rehabilitate 28 manholes, City-wide.

Project Status: Construction complete!   Twenty-eight (28) manholes repaired.  The City is closing out this contract.     

Funding Source(s): Sewer & Storm Drain Capital Improvements

Latest Update: April 12, 2021

Denice Hutten, P.E., Associate Engineer
(650) 750-2005

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Sewer Manhole Repair