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Maintaining Your Quality of Life Services

December 2019 Community Survey Results

The City recently conducted a Community Survey to hear feedback from our residents on issues facing our community, City service priorities and community needs.

We are thrilled that over 60% of respondents approve of the job we are doing to provide you with the quality of life that you expect and deserve. 

The City seeks to maintain the parks and recreation services, the community center and support the youth and senior services you’ve said are important to you. Our long-term fiscal strategies should ensure everyone –including visitors to our community—pay their fair share to ensure Half Moon Bay will continue to be a great place to live, raise a family and enjoy retirement.

  • Residents also identified local priorities that they would like the City to continue to address, including:
  • Reducing local traffic congestion
  • Protecting natural areas and open spaces
  • Maintaining the City’s financial stability
  • Maintaining 911 sheriff emergency response times
  • Helping to maintain the City’s quality of life for local residents including neighborhood-serving businesses and gathering places
  • Upgrading storm drains to keep pollution from reaching our shores and beaches
  • Keeping Half Moon Bay affordable for nurses, sheriff deputies, agricultural workers and others

Now, we want to hear from YOU! Please take a moment to Join the Conversation and complete a survey online at Thank you!