Beach Neighborhood Parking Pilot Project

On July 21, 2020, the City Council conducted a community study session on beach access and vehicle parking. This study session was scheduled at the request of City Council and in response to concerns raised by residents in light of COVID-19 restrictions coupled with heavy visitation of local beaches. The focus of the July 21 conversation centered around parking issues in neighborhoods near the beaches. Complaints included overcrowding, haphazard parking, litter, blocked driveways, and impeding access for emergency vehicles.

In response, the City initiated work on a Pilot Parking Project to delineate on-street parking spaces for several City streets (located north of Poplar Street and Kelly Avenue and adjacent streets). Subsequently, upon initiation of that project, the City Council received a wide range of differing opinions from the community about the project. As a result, the project was postponed and, due to the widely differing opinions, the City Council authorized staff to proceed with a vote of the impacted residences to take place in November.

The initial ballot mailing in November had difficulties, so a second ballot is being sent in early December to all households in the affected areas. The deadline for return of the ballots is January 4 2021, and the results will be provided to the City Council at their meeting on January 19, 2021. Based on the results, the City will either proceed with project completion or remove already-applied parking space delineations, based on a simple majority vote. 

Part of the pilot project work involves repainting red curb markings - this aspect will be completed regardless of the outcome of the vote.

Beyond the pilot project, the City has made other changes to address garbage and litter collection and initiated discussions with State Parks to collaborate on parking management for public beach parking lots in Half Moon Bay.

Check this page in January, 2021 for updates.