November 8, 2022 Election Results

As of last night’s final results release, there are still many ballots left uncounted. The next results release by the County will be Thursday afternoon by 4:30 p.m. The District 4 race is too close to call until additional ballots are counted. This represents a 40% count for the district, and we are expecting a 65-70% turnout (roughly another 550 ballots to count for the district).

DEBBIE RUDDOCK             375         49.28%

BILL BALSON                      308         40.47% 

DAVID EBLOVI                     78         10.25%

Ballot still left to be counted:

  • Vote by Mail ballots received in the mail after Friday, November 4
  • Vote by Mail ballots dropped off at Vote Centers or Drop Boxes after Friday, November 4
  • Conditional voter registration or provisional ballots