880 Stone Pine - Frequently Asked Questions

Potential Affordable Housing Opportunity 

Why is 880 Stone Pine being considered as a potential affordable housing site?

The City of Half Moon Bay (City) has been working with the County of San Mateo (County) to identify and evaluate potential opportunity sites for affordable housing, including the 880 Stone Pine site. The City owns a limited number of properties, and most are unsuitable for housing due primarily to environmental constraints. The 880 Stone Pine site, being owned by the City, helps to reduce the time and cost of development. 

Are other locations being considered for affordable housing development?

Yes. There is an acute affordable housing shortage on the Coastside. The City’s recently released draft Housing Element, which is mandated by State law, identified 880 Stone Pine as an opportunity site because of its proximity to downtown, resources, and services.  There are several housing sites identified within the Housing Resources technical report of the draft Housing Element.

A detailed analysis of Half Moon Bay’s housing needs, constraints, and resources is available for community input on our Housing Element. The City is committed to the production of affordable housing that directly supports our residents, with the primary focus on special housing needs groups including our farmworkers, service workers, elderly, unhoused, and individuals, families, and households with special needs.   

What kind of housing is the City/County considering for this site?

The City and County are evaluating 880 Stone Pine as a site that can accommodate a manufactured home community and the current conceptual design includes 47 detached single family manufactured homes including a resident manager unit. 

Manufactured homes provide the opportunity for lower initial construction costs and quicker construction with the added advantage of providing a pathway to homeownership to extremely low-income individuals and families. San Mateo County has prepared a draft Concept Plan for the project responding to comments provided by community members over the last several months. 

Who will be eligible to live in this housing? 

This site is being considered for permanent affordable housing. San Mateo County has received a $5 million State grant through the Joe Serna Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Program. The grant provides funding for acquisition and installation of 28 units for farmworkers. These units will be offered to households displaced by the January 23 shooting incident as well as other eligible farmworker households. Affordability and eligibility of the remaining units is still being evaluated by the City and County at this time. 

How will the project be managed after construction? 

The City and County are committed to ensuring that any affordable housing project on this site is well-designed and planned and is an asset to the community. San Mateo County is committed to professional management of the project including provision of a residence for an on-site property manager. The design of the project is being closely aligned with needs for long term durability and ease of maintenance. 

Is the City evaluating traffic impacts? 

Yes. DKS Associates was hired by the City to assess the potential traffic impacts associated with the project and to prepare a Report. A copy of the draft Transportation Impact Analysis a can be found in our website.

Have you considered emergency access needs? 

Yes. Any project will be subject to review and approval of Coastside Fire which means that internal access will need to be able to accommodate the efficient and safe movement of fire apparatus and crews. Emergency access to Hwy 92 currently exists at the easterly boundary of the Corporation Yard. This access will remain available to route persons and vehicles, on an emergency basis either easterly or westerly. The City and County will be preparing an emergency evacuation plan which will include all existing and future residents and occupants in the Stone Pine Road corridor. 

Has the City evaluated potential environmental impacts? 

Yes. The City completed extensive environmental studies, which covered the entire parcel as part of the Corporation Yard Project. Required mitigation measures affecting the entire property have or are near completion per the adopted environmental document. The proposed affordable housing project is subject to review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and will be subject to subsequent studies/documents as necessary. Traffic concerns were previously raised and the DKS Associates completed a traffic study consistent with CEQA standards.   

Is the City protecting and preserving habitat? 

Yes. More than fifty percent of the 880 Stone Pine site is permanently protected from development. The areas include protection of Pilarcitos Creek and habitat/dispersal area for the California Red-Legged Frog. Additionally, the City has invested more than $50,000 over the last two years to protect and preserve the westerly boundary tree line for habitat and buffering.

Are there any identified soil contamination hazards on the property? 

No. Prior to acquiring 880 Stone Pine Road, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment was prepared. This report did not identify any areas of concern. The property was used as a nursery until POST purchased it in 2004. Phase 1 and 2 studies and investigations concluded there are no contamination issues or concerns. 

Will adequate parking be provided on-site? 

Yes. San Mateo County has committed to meeting all City parking requirements. The conceptual design provides dedicated parking spaces for each unit as well as guest and overflow parking within the project site. The ongoing property management program will include oversight and enforcement of vehicle parking and storage.   

Where can I find more information? 

All information regarding 880 Stone Pine and City-wide affordable housing can be found at www.hmbcity.com/housing.  

How do I provide comments or ask questions? 

We ask that questions and comments be directed to the following email address, 880stonepine@hmbcity.com.