Short Term Rentals

Half Moon Bay Short-Term Rental Ordinance Summary

As of August 2023, the City of Half Moon Bay Short-Term Rental Ordinance is in effect. This ordinance strives to find a balance between encouraging the potential benefits of Short-Term Rentals, while also protecting housing stock and focusing on neighborhood preservation. All Short-Term Rentals within Half Moon Bay must register with the City of Half Moon Bay prior to operation. Short-Term Rentals are permitted in all residential zoning districts and mixed-use development within Commercial-Downtown, Commercial-General, and Commercial-Visitor Serving, subject to the requirements of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance (Chapter 18.06.025 of the Half Moon Bay Municipal Code). Short-term rentals are not permitted in accessory dwelling units (ADU). 


Short-Term Rental Ordinance 

The following highlights a few key provisions of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance:

  • Primary Residence
  • Business License & Transient Occupancy Tax
  • Maximum Rental Nights
  • Maximum Number of STRs per Operator
  • Application and Registration Requirements - for all STR operators (new and existing)

Short-Term Rental Application & Registration

Short-Term Rental Application and Registration Checklist

Informational Handout- Coming Soon