Residential Rental Registration


Adopted by the City Council on February 6, 2024, the Residential Rental Registration Ordinance requires Landlords to register their residential rental units and provide related information to the City on an annual basis. The registration process will allow the City to collect, monitor, and analyze the characteristics of the residential rental units and actual rents in Half Moon Bay to inform future policy decisions. All residential rental units are required to register including single-family homes, condos, ADUs, duplexes, multifamily, etc. at a cost of $75 per unit. 

All landlords and lessors who collect rent will be required to register annually.

Registration begins June 1 - July 31, 2024

Data collected by the City for this program will remain confidential. Implementation is intended to protect the privacy of individual Tenants and the proprietary information of Landlords and Owners, the public release of which could result in a competitive disadvantage.  

Collected data will be presented in an annual report to the City Council. Registration fees collected will be used to manage the registry program which will include data collection and archiving, referrals to mediation and legal services, and education and resource materials for Landlords, Owners, and Tenants in the City. This program supports the City's housing goals and protects public health, safety, and welfare for the residents of Half Moon Bay. 

Resolution and ordinance language is provided below. Once codified within 30-60 days of adoption a link the Municipal Code will be added here. 

Residential Rental Registration Fee Structure - Begins June 1, 2024

Tier Fee
Tier 1: 6/1/24 to 6/30/24 No fee "Early Registration"
Tier 2: 7/1/24 to 7/31/24 $75 per unit
Tier 3: After 7/31/24 $75 per unit and subject to late fees, penalties, and administrative citations
  1. Mike Noce

    Housing Coordinator

Registration System

Additional information regarding how Landlords will register is expected to be released in Spring 2024.

Public Meetings

City Council - February 6, 2024 

Staff Report Residential Rental Registration and Related Matters - Second Reading

Second Reading - Resolution and Ordinance Language (Approved Ordinances)

Public Hearing Staff Report Residential Rental Registration Fee

Resolution for Fee Adoption

City Council Meeting - January 16, 2024

Staff Report Residential Rental Registration - First Reading

City Council Meeting - November 7, 2024 (Work Session)

Staff Report Tenant Protections Action Plan - Work Session