Why are we doing a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?

“Redesign[ing] the streetscape on Heritage Main Street in Half Moon Bay to improve mobility, economic activity, and vibrancy” was one of 15 recommendations that came out of the Coastside Recovery Initiative (CRI). As part of the CRI, people observed that aspects of Main Street’s physical design could be improved to increase access, improve mobility, and stimulate more economic activity. This project is a direct response to action items identified through the CRI and demonstrates the City’s commitment to address community-identified needs. 

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1. What is the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan project?
2. What is the geographic focus of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
3. Why are we doing a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
4. What does the current project scope of work include?
5. When will construction begin?
6. What decisions have been made?
7. What is the schedule?
8. Who is funding the project?
9. How do I get involved or gather more information?
10. Who is leading this effort?