How do I get involved or gather more information?

There are multiple ways to get updates and information about this project: 

  • Check out the project page on the City’s website 
  • Sign up to receive our weekly eNewsletter to stay on top of this and other city projects
  • Follow us on social media @cityofhmb

The next opportunity for involvement is a Design Workshop October 23-24th and a Public Meeting at IDES Hall on October 24th from 6 to 7:30 PM. Community members are invited to drop into the “studio” at the Library October 23rd 1pm-5pm and October 24th 9am-12pm to see the design team at work. We encourage you to come to the Public Meeting and if you cannot attend the public meeting, please drop by the Library for “Open Studio” time! After the October Design Workshop, we will post additional information about next steps and ways to stay involved on the project website. 

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1. What is the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan project?
2. What is the geographic focus of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
3. Why are we doing a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
4. What does the current project scope of work include?
5. When will construction begin?
6. What decisions have been made?
7. What is the schedule?
8. Who is funding the project?
9. How do I get involved or gather more information?
10. Who is leading this effort?