Who do I contact regarding graffiti removal?

Graffiti Abatement Hotline at 650-712-7310. To report graffiti vandalism in progress, residents should call 911. If you want to report information about “taggers” anonymously, please call the HMB Sheriff Sub Station at 650-726-8288. When reporting graffiti, the following should be included:

- Location: The address, or closest address, of the affected area. If graffiti is located at an intersection, include cross roads and directional clues (NE, SE, SW, NW).

- Type: Include the type of property that received the graffiti, such as a wall, curbside, telephone pole or fence. If graffiti is located on utility poles, boxes and/or phone booths please include the company name (PG&E, Comcast, etc.) and any other identifying information that will help pin-point the location.

- Business Name: Permission must be obtained from the property owner to clean private property.

- Contact Information: name and phone number. Your contact information will not be shared.

- Photos.

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