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City Managers Office

  1. Análisis sobre las posibles reglamentaciones para fumadores - general

    Spanish language survey - consideration of possible smoking regulations - general

  2. City Manager Recruitment

    Community input about the characteristics, skills, and other key elements in our next city manager

  3. Consideration of Potential Smoking Regulations - Multifamily
  4. Law Enforcement Feedback - Spanish

    Law enforcement feedback form in spanish

  1. Análisis sobre las posibles reglamentaciones para fumadores - multifamiliares

    Spanish language version - consideration of potential smoking regulations - multifamily

  2. Consideration of Potential Smoking Regulations - General
  3. Law Enforcement Feedback

    The City of Half Moon Bay has established a Non-Emergency Public Safety Feedback process, to report feedback, both positive or... More…


  1. 2021 District Model Survey - We Need Your Input!

    The City of Half Moon Bay is undergoing its post-census Redistricting process. The Redistricting Advisory Committee has been meeting in... More…

  2. Willing to Serve
  1. Encuesta modelo de distrito 2021- Necesitamos su opinión

    La ciudad de Half Moon Bay está en su proceso de redistritación posterior al censo. El Comité Asesor de Redistribución de Distritos se... More…

Planning / Building

  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form
  2. Street Dining and Retail Survey

    To gauge interest, support, and resources in determining how the City can best partner with restaurants and retail to operate in the... More…

  1. Community Conversations on Housing


  1. Recreation Course Proposal - Summer, 2018

    Form for recreation program instructors to propose their courses for upcoming recreation guide