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Law Enforcement Feedback

  1. The City of Half Moon Bay has established a Non-Emergency Public Safety Feedback process, to report feedback, both positive or negative, about how local law enforcement personnel addressed an incident involving either yourself, or an incident involving others that you witnessed. Feedback can be provided via phone call to (650) 435-8266, or via the web form below.

    Please provide as much detail as possible about the incident and a return phone number or email address.  A City staff person will return your call or email within 72 business hours, and may ask follow-up questions so your feedback can be addressed appropriately.  You may also leave an anonymous message, however, the more information you provide, the more follow-up the City can provide.  We value all members of our community, and no information will be shared with any immigration agency.

    You may also file a commendation or complaint directly with the Sheriff's Office here.

  2. Feedback - Please provide any information you have about the incident.

  3. Contact/Demographic Information

    Please provide as much information as you are willing to share.  None of the information below is required to submit feedback, but will help the City with follow-up on the incident and documenting and addressing ongoing trends and concerns.

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