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Recreation Course Proposal - Summer, 2018

  1. This Course Proposal should represent the Instructor’s ‘ideal’ and is intended as a starting place for discussion between the Recreation Department and the Course Instructor. As such, final details may vary from what is initially proposed.
  2. DEADLINE for submission of SUMMER, 2018 Course Proposals is: MARCH 1, 2018
  3. Preferred Contact Method*
  4. Bilingual Course(s) Offered?*
  5. Please fill in the Course Details Below, for up to Four Courses
  6. Plus 30% Recreation Division Fee =
  7. (Please note: the Recreation Division fee of 30% is charged in addition to Instructor Fees. Also, an additional Facility Charge for storage of instructor equipment may be added as needed)
  8. DEADLINE for submission of Winter, 2018 Course Proposals is: NOVEMBER 6, 2017
  9. Instructors MUST provide the following documents BEFORE courses begin:
  10. Certificate of Insurance (verify Certificate is current before submission)
  11. Mandatory Reporting Form
  12. Live Scan Fingerprints / Background Check
  13. TB Test Affidavit (within the last two years)
  14. IRS Form W9
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